SerbianTech News Presenting startup: Uradi-zaradi

Presenting startup: Uradi-zaradi

Presenting startup: Uradi-zaradi May 25, 2021
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Uradi-zaradi is the only internet platform in Serbia that connects people who need help at home with reliable people ready to work and thus make money. Their services are available in Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Kragujevac. It strives for constant development, both locally and in the range of services.

To find a reliable person who will help you with household chores online very easily and quickly – all you need to do is log in to the Uradi-zaradi platform. It was made possible by Dragana Jovčić (CEO/Operations Director), Dušan Cemović (Technical Director), and Jelena Joksimović (Development Director / Creative Director). Uradi-zaradi has existed since 2016, and today they have over 250 employees. On this platform, you choose the person who will work for you. Everything is transparent, so you will know in advance how that person works and how much it will cost. All associates are checked, interviews are conducted, and they had a trial run with at least three clients who choose them during that period. They come to work after a mini training in communication with clients, and later they have support if – it is necessary to resolve a dilemma or, possibly, a controversial situation.

How does the Uradi-zaradi platform work?

The platform works by setting a task. Choose whether you want to maintain your home or office. After that, you choose the package or create your own – according to the measures you need. Mark the date and describe what you need. Verified people from the platform or people on probation will contact you on task. You can view the profile of all applicants and read the reviews written by people whit they have already worked. Based on that, you choose the person who will work for you. You can make payments with all known payment cards. After their work, you can assess how satisfied you are with the service and the person who worked.

What services are available?

There are four categories of services, and we will list what you can choose from each. See what awaits you if you set a task to maintain the house.


In this category – there is:

– Vacuuming

– Moping

– Cleaning the moldings

The bathroom

You can choose cleaning services for the bathroom:

– Washbasins, mirrors, bathtubs/showers, toilets 

– Tile 

– Wipe the outside of Washing machines 

– Bottle of cosmetics, shampoo

– Shower faucet, chest of drawers, and shelf


Available options are:

– Washing the dishes

– Cleaning the inside of the elements

– Cleaning the tiles

– Cleaning the inside of the stove

– Cleaning the inside of the refrigerator

– Wipe the refrigerator and stove outside

– Cleaning kitchen elements on the outside


The other category offers the most options, from which you can choose:

– Dusting

– Clear windows

– Tidying up the closet

– Furnishing the bed

– Watering flowers

– Terrace cleaning

– Ironing

– Switching on the machine

– Hanging laundry

– Wiping mirrors outside the bathroom

– Cleaning sockets

– Chandeliers, lanterns

For office maintenance, the same categories are available, with a few modifications. When setting up office tasks, you choose how often you want maintenance, and within each option, you can specify whether you want to work each term, monthly or quarterly.


For floors when choosing office space, can be marked:

– Vacuuming

– Moping

– Erase moldings

The bathroom

Available options are:

– The mirror

– Tiles

– Washbasin, toilet

The kitchen

You can choose the following:

– Washing the dishes

– Erasing the inside of the elements

– Erasing kitchen elements on the outside

– Erasing tiles

– Erasing wall tiles

– Wiping the kitchen floor

– Wiping the outside of the stove, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker/kettle

– Wipe inside the stove, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker/kettle


Decide if you also want to:

– Wiping tables, counters

– Wiping the monitor, computer case

– Wiping shelves, closets outside

– Cleaning the closet inside

– Wiping the chairs

– Watering flowers

– Terrace cleaning

– Window cleaning

Save your time

Redirect your energy to what is more important to you – because your house or office space is in safe hands. Use that time to dedicate to yourself and what you enjoy. You can find out more on their website.

We remind you that SerbianTech hosted Dragana Jovčić in the third season of the podcast. You can listen to the episode in which she was a guest via this link

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