SerbianTech News Presenting startups: Benefiti

Presenting startups: Benefiti

Presenting startups: Benefiti September 17, 2020Leave a comment
Benefiti - personalized employee benefits

The future of employee benefits is here – Benefiti.rs!

In order to attract, motivate, and retain employees, many companies offer various benefits, such as insurance, gym cards, education, parking spaces, and various other benefits. However, these benefits are generally uniform within one company, ie all employees are offered the same things, even though they may not suit their desires best. In order for the personalization of benefits to requiring additional company resources, the startup is Benefit created a special platform. Benefiti.rs is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)which is designed to enable companies to provide their employees with an opportunity to choose the combination of benefits that they receive in the given budget on a monthly basis most convenient.

Personalized benefits for employees in the employer’s budget

Benfiti cofounder pitching in front of the audience

Benfiti cofounder pitching in front of the audience

The platform was created to enable full automation of the process of providing benefits to employees in the company. Local administrators in the company (HR Director / Manager, a person in charge of Comp&Ben, or some other function in charge of platform management) use the platform in a few simple steps: (1) employees are divided into “classes” in terms of benefits budget (eg juniors), seniors, management, top management, etc.), (2) determine each of the classes a monthly budget available for benefits, (3) make a final selection of which of the offered benefits may be available to which “class”. This is where their “administrative” work ends – they are left to monitor the data generated and the interaction of employees with the benefits they choose, either through predefined reports or simply initiate periodic questionnaires on employee satisfaction with the benefits they use.

Wide range of available benefits

One of the key values ​​that the platform brings is that the beneficiaries are directly listed on it so that the client company does not deal with procurement, negotiations, payments, and logistics of delivery of benefits with each provider separately, but they are all already available with their services and prices. which are more favorable than the market ones. The focus is on those categories of benefits that have been shown to have the most positive impact on employees, namely: health, professional development, and career, family, wellbeing, fitness, mobility, etc.

Legal and tax security

Thanks to the strategic cooperation with the Austrian consulting company in the field of tax consulting and auditing (Confida), for each of the benefits available on the platform, the appropriate tax rate is calculated in advance, automatically adjusted to the individual employee who uses it, all in accordance with applicable tax regulations in Serbia. , which provides complete legal certainty in this area, and greatly facilitates the work of payroll/finance employees, so detailed reports on spending on benefits are available at the very beginning of the billing month. As the Benefiti.rs platform has an arrangement with all individual partners that provide benefits to employees, the total value of benefits will be calculated and paid through only one account, which cannot exceed the maximum budget set in advance by the client.

Visitor interested in Benfiti platform

Visitor interested in Benfiti platform

Strategic cooperation with the largest market players


In September 2020, the platform entered into strategic cooperation with the companies ManpowerGroup and Assert, which are leaders in the domestic market in providing consulting services in the field of HR, and the goal is for the joint efforts of the platform to reach as many companies that care about their employees, and want to give the opportunity to choose and personalize the benefits.


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