SerbianTech News Presenting startups: UrbiGo

Presenting startups: UrbiGo

Presenting startups: UrbiGo July 9, 2020Leave a comment

Going green with UrbiGo

UrbiGo is an automated and the first green smart-home device for growing edible and decorative plants intended for those whose “even a cactus dies”. Users in their UrbiGo device can grow their favorite spices and even some types of mini vegetables throughout the year, from the comfort of their apartment. Previous gardening experience and skills are not necessary!

UrbiGo cube on chair

UrbiGo cube on chair

Smart UrbiGo cube for greener home and workspace

The device itself comes with a set of capsules that have organic seeds of the desired plant as well as a special nano substrate that provides the plants with the necessary “food” whether you grow basil, cherry, or mini lettuce.

What this team focuses on and what makes UrbiGo unique is the eponymous app through which the user can control irrigation and lighting in their mini smart garden wherever it is and which provides fun information about the plants it grows, recipes how it can to use them or advice on how to nurture them.

The vision of the team is to reconnect urban millennials with nature and through the application and device enable them to cultivate, understand, and enjoy their organic green corner throughout the year.

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