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Second Talking Mind Discussion

Second Talking Mind Discussion June 12, 2020Leave a comment
Nikola Mrkšić PolyAI on Talking Minds webinar

Speech development systems from the perspective of Nikola Mrkšić (PolyAI)

After the successful Talking Minds discussion with Petar Velickovic, a scientific researcher at DeepMind, another online edition dedicated to artificial intelligence, organized by the Serbian AI Society, is coming up.

The guest of the second webinar will be Nikola Mrksic, the founder of PolyAI, one of the most successful platforms for the design of dialogue systems. He will share his rich experience and development path in this area on June 18 at 7 pm, on the Zoom platform.

You can secure your presence by registering for free at this link.

Development and potential of Poly AI speech comprehension systems

The PolyAI platform was created to develop AI agents capable of conducting complex conversations within customer support. Unlike voice assistants, these AI agents are narrowly specialized in specific domains within which they provide complex answers, “learning” precisely on the basis of human conversations, but also special algorithms that allow them to understand those cases they have not encountered before.

What are the achievements, and what are the potentials of these systems and how does PolyAI change the user experiences?

This is just one of the questions that Nikola Mrksic will answer in the second Talking Minds discussion, which will be hosted by Jovan Stojanovic, the founder of the Serbian AI Society and the Wonderland AI Summit.

From the Mathematical Gymnasium to the investment worth 12 million dollars

Nikola Mrksic made the first step on the long road to founding his own AI start-up by enrolling in the Mathematical Gymnasium in Belgrade, and his interests and dedication took him to the Siri team of Apple, where he worked on improving the speech comprehension system. Today, he is at the head of a successful start-up that recently received an investment worth 12 million dollars.

Talking Minds – inspiring AI stories organized by SAIS

The webinar with Nikola Mrksic is the second in a series of successful and inspiring stories in the field of artificial intelligence, organized by the Serbian AI Society as part of the Talking Minds series. The goal of this project – which began with a discussion with Petar Velickovic, a scientific researcher at DeepMind – is to promote the achievements and potential of artificial intelligence, with the support of successful AI experts from around the world.

You can secure your presence at the second Talking Minds webinar by registering for free – HERE.

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