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Startup culture 5 things to know before joining one

Startup culture 5 things to know before joining one April 22, 2019Leave a comment
startup culture

Whether you like it or not, it’s a fact: startup culture changed us all. There’s an apparent shift in how we perceive the modern day office. More and more people are working remotely, there is an increased number of freelancers, and we’re kinda getting used to all conveniences startup culture brought with itself like free snacks and beverages.

We even changed the way how we go on vacation! More and more companies are implementing new, more modern policies like the Unlimited Vacation Policy is. And that’s not a coincidence. Startup culture made us realise how much we should aim in achieving the lowest possible workers retention. Startup culture, in fact, is all about nurturing employees and building a community of dedicated and engaged workers.

We agree that working in a startup is not for everybody: you need to be always available and ready to work long hours to fix some urgent problem. You need to give all, but in the end, you gain a lot. And we get it, not everyone is cut to do that, but all of us are starting to feel some privileges startup culture brought to the modern office. So, we wondered, what do we need to know about startup culture? If you’re all ears, just read below.

1. There’s a thin line between professional and personal

Work is the place we spend the majority of our time. And if we’re going to spend a good portion of our day at work, it better be worth it. Startup culture works on embracing your colleagues as your second family. Because your workers will lead you to success, you really need to invest in them and into building a strong team. Just because everything is so unpredictable and changing fast, startup culture really erases the line between personal and professional. So, don’t be surprised to bring your work home if you’re just starting to work in a startup.

2. You need to be a fast learner to be a part of a startup culture

Money and budgeting is a severe topic of startups. Not that we say that modern companies don’t worry about it, but there’s this notion of urgency and fear of failure when it comes to startups. And because most of them are trying to cut some cost, you’ll have to be ready to do some jobs that were not in your to-do list. But that’s fine, this is how you learn new things.

3. You need to be ready for a change

Big companies and corporations have well-defined procedures when it comes to day to day work. It’s simple like breathing and boring as hell. Your day just always looks the same. But in a startup, the way business is done changing faster than switching an Instagram filter. So, if you’re about to start working in a startup, be sure to be ready for a change.

4. There are mentors, not enemies

Startups are all about learning. That’s why you should see your older colleagues as mentors and not the enemies who are telling you what to do. It can happen to the best of us to just overlook the importance of supervision, but once you let the guard down, you’ll see how good it can be for your career.

5. Be ready to take some risks

What is typical for any startup out there is the feeling of uncertainty. And that’s with a reason! Over 50 per cent of them fails in the first five years. So, when joining the startup, you really need to consider whether you’re capable of taking risks. Because, one day you have the job, the other you don’t.

Startup culture is not for everybody, we agree! And you should really think trough decision to join one or not. Whatever you decide, you’ll continue to experience the effect the startup culture has on our work. What are you thinking about startup culture?

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