SerbianTech News The idea to realisation, what you need for success

The idea to realisation, what you need for success

The idea to realisation, what you need for success April 18, 2019Leave a comment

Humans are natural storytellers. And there’s nothing we love more than reading rags to riches stories. Just admit it! You love reading about someone who made it to the top from scratch! And that’s completely natural! Stories like the one from Richard Branson prove to us that if those people did it, we could do it too! Our morale is boosted, and we’re ready to work harder to achieve our goal. But, there’s one burning question: what do we really need to succeed? Is it persistence, is it a bit of madness, or something third? We will try to give you an answer to this in this article. So, let’s go!

1. Idea

Everything starts with an idea. We bet you had some fantastic ideas over the years, but you backed out from various reasons. Maybe you thought it was lacking in originality, or you were just too lazy to do something about it, but one thing is clear – you had it. Some ideas are more impressive than others, but if you want to see it happen and turn it into a business, you better start working on it!

2. Motivation and passion

Actually, it’s not crucial to have an idea for success. You can even see the way on how would you improve existing service or a product and launch your own business. The thing that will make you achieve your goals is definitely passion and motivation. If you have just the right amount of it, it will be just enough to make dreams happen. So, before start complaining about how you only can’t succeed and how success is reserved for wealthier people, think about how much passion and motivation you had to achieve your goals.

3. Plan

Even the best ideas in the world are destined to fail if they are left without a plan. Also if you really hate making plans and you think being spontaneous is the way to go, it’s necessary to do it when it comes to business. Creating a solid plan will give you the right perspective on where you are and where you’re going. So if you’re aiming for success, be sure to have a proper plan.

4. Connections

Nobody made it to the top by himself alone. Even the bravest and smartest people in the world would forever be unknown if they didn’t have the support of people who think like them. So, before you start achieving your ideas is sure to have someone to help you. One thing which will help you succeed faster is definitely by networking. If you’re just started, or you’re launching your business be ready to spend some time visiting conferences and meetups.
Even if you don’t think this kind of events could benefit you, try going on a few and prove yourself wrong. There, you’ll be able to meet likeminded people who are ready to support your idea, and you can even land some investments.

Building secure connections is crucial for every business owner, and sooner you realise it, better. We’ve talked a lot about networking and why engaging in such activity can benefit you, so be sure to read our articles on that topic.
And if you just launched your business, may be exhibiting in a conference is a good idea. This is an excellent opportunity to show off what you can offer and boost your brand’s visibility. Not to mention the benefits you can have by having prescheduled meetings.

5. Have a story worth telling

We’ve already said at the beginning of this article that humans are natural storytellers. And by telling a story about yourself and your company, service or a product, you’re actually strengthening the bond between yourself and your customers. Be sure to say who you are, what you can offer and what moves you to do so!

Success never comes easy. It requires lots of work, dedication, sleepless hours and persistence. And maybe a bit of madness. But we believe in you! Just be passionate about your dreams and ideas and make a plan before you take action!

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