SerbianTech News 5 questions for… Alex Petrovic

5 questions for… Alex Petrovic

5 questions for… Alex Petrovic August 3, 2020Leave a comment
5 questions for... Alex Petrovic

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About Alex Petrovic

Alex Petrović, Senior Partner in Law office Joksovic, Stojanović & Partners, with 20 years of international experience in the IT industry, specializes in information technology law and especially contracts for software development, licensing and maintenance, digital intellectual property protection, digital security, digital personal data protection, e-business, and e-government.

His international experience includes leadership in projects ranging from the electronic establishment of companies in Canada, the reuse of digital public sector data in the European Union (Slovenia) to the modernization of the legal framework for e-business and e-government in Serbia.

Mr. Petrovic studied law in England and applied information technology in Canada. His clients come from different parts of the IT industry and are involved in a wide range of businesses such as software development, outsourcing, video games, online betting, e-banking, e-money, virtual currencies, information security, e-commerce. He speaks regularly at various international conferences, appears in leading media, and teaches at private and public universities.

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