SerbianTech News Presenting startups: 60 seconds app

Presenting startups: 60 seconds app

Presenting startups: 60 seconds app July 27, 2020Leave a comment
Serbian tech startup 60seconds app

Choose how much you pay next time you go shopping with the 60seconds app.

The 60seconds app connects brands and consumers by creating a win-win shopping experience between both parties. Available on Android and iOS, the application is a virtual shopping center featuring all the local and international brands that are available in our market today. How it works: When a user sees their favorite item/brand, they can select the level of discount they wish to receive e.g. 20, 30, or 40%. If the brand accepts the user’s proposal to discount the item, the user will receive a notification from the app, after which they have 60
seconds to claim their offer.

The number of consumers who purchase online has increased by 9% compared to pre-COVID-19. Overall, over 43% of Serbian residents over the age of 15 shops online. Though the latest statistics show that e-commerce is on the rise in Serbia, there’s still room for improvement.
That’s why the government is creating new laws related to online trade, showing its intent to make the internet a safer place to spend money.

What makes 60seconds different from its competitors is that the customer chooses how large (or small) a discount they wish to receive for their desired item. Brands also win by eliminating the problem of dead stock as much as possible and thus relying less on seasonal sales to stimulate spending. This way, the traditional relationship between consumers and brands has been revolutionized.

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