SerbianTech News 5 questions for… Ivan Bjelajac

5 questions for… Ivan Bjelajac

5 questions for… Ivan Bjelajac August 17, 2020Leave a comment
Ivan Bjelajac on SerbianTech podcast

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About Ivan Bjelajac

Serial entrepreneur, involved with building software products since 2001. CEO of MVP Workshop, President of Serbian Blockchain Initiative, and Board member of SeVeN (Belgrade Venture Forum). Former COO and CEO of Devana Technologies, and Operating Director of GoDaddy WP Europe.

Worked as an engineer, tech executive, and (co)founder in multiple corporations and startups, while being involved in 4 startup exits.

Currently, focused on building the infrastructure for fast, secure, and scalable Blockchain transactions trough side-chains mainly focused on DeFi, Supply Chains, and Asset Tokenization in general.

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