SerbianTech News 5 questions for… Nemanja Divjak

5 questions for… Nemanja Divjak

5 questions for… Nemanja Divjak October 19, 2020Leave a comment

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About Nemanja Divjak

As a child, I had the luck that my mother bought my brother and myself the first Commodore 128. That marked a big change in my life and cleared a path that after 29 years I’m still on. At age of 7 first lines of code in a programming language, Basic was written. Amazed that some code can create circles on-screen both my brother and myself became overwhelmed with possibilities. With computer available at that time, the only thing more interesting than writing code was playing games, love for games was so strong that even today I keep playing and developing games.

In 1999 my first encounter with the Internet began. It was love at first sight and all possible hacker ideas went to my head. Of course, that was the first path I took, and visiting Altavista, Mirc, ICQ and other hacker types of chats was my daily routine. From curiosity, knowledge was born and in 2004 I started one of the largest projects Internet will see. In 2007 I exited the project and started a new venture https://flii.by for a full 11 years we worked hard on bringing service to almost a million users who uploaded and shared their content over a billion times. Raised 3 rounds of funding and learning how VC world works were the biggest gain we could ever get, and I would like to thank all of them who supported our venture.

In 2017 as a hobby project together with 3 unbelievable talented people, I started the game company TummyGames, So far we worked on 5 game titles Tummy Slide, Idle Crypto Tycoon, Cursed deck, Star deck, and a few more that are secret for now 🙂 By working on the game studio I had the pleasure to meet many managers in the Game publishing world and by doing so we partnered with Voodoo.io and RoundZero.

In 2018 I started working on a new venture Publitio https://publit.io Video and Image Management SaaS. With this project, we were already recognized by Investors and the Government and with their help, we are already at the point where we are helping more than 2.000 businesses make their service better and faster by using Publitio.

A special thank you to Epson and Nova Iskra for supporting the podcast.

5 questions for supported by Epson5 pitanja za... is filmed in Nova Iskra

5 questions for supported by Epson5 pitanja za... is filmed in Nova Iskra






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