SerbianTech News 5 questions for Momir Djekic

5 questions for Momir Djekic

5 questions for Momir Djekic April 20, 2020Leave a comment
Momir Djekic on SerbianTech podcast

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About Momir Djekic

Momir is a Certified Digital Transformation Expert and Digital Transformation Trainer with over a decade of experience in enterprise software development and business consulting in both the public and private sectors. After Computer Science studies at the School of Electrical Engineering in Serbia and Management studies at IEDC – Bled School of Management in Slovenia, he has successfully worked across industries, including insurance, banking, retail, and manufacturing.

Momir has an ongoing relationship with the media business. He is an author and presenter of various television and radio shows, as well as an associate and columnist for the oldest Serbian computer magazine, Svet kompjutera, where he has been writing since 2007. In addition to loving music, books, and films, Momir enjoys team sports and guitars, in any particular order.

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