SerbianTech News Four Dots: A Team That Changed The SEO game

Four Dots: A Team That Changed The SEO game

Four Dots: A Team That Changed The SEO game February 15, 2019Leave a comment
four dots

When it comes to trending jobs, side by side with programming, digital marketing is more and more popular profession among young professionals. And that’s quite understandable because, like any other modern time job, digital marketing comes with its own amazing perks. That includes things like being able to work from anywhere, its dynamic job. This means that it requires constant skill improvement and that it focuses more on the results rather than the hours in the traditional sense. It’s a great time for young, hungry for knowledge professionals!

The beginning….

That is how few enthusiastic professionals gathered around the same idea and decided to dive in into digital marketing and change it forever. They specialized in SEO and they are doing extraordinary things in helping businesses around the globe exceed their limits. We’re talking about Four Dots, of course.

Founded by Radomir Basta and three more marketing experts from this niche, and with its headquarters located in Novi Sad, Serbia, they are slowly taking over the Serbian and global market. If you take a closer look at their website, you will see the list of their clients is quite impressive. Brands like Coca-Cola, Miss Amara, and Bellmetric decided to trust them and allow them to work on improving their online presence.

Which services do they offer?

PPC Advertising – to help you rock Google like never before!
Online Reputation Management – which is much needed in the modern online era!
SEO Web Design – which combines SEO strategies while meeting user experience design!
White Label SEO Services – that SEO resellers adore! If you’re among them, have a look ASAP!
Traffic Performance Monetization – which works on meeting both the publisher’s as well as advertiser’s needs.

News, news Dibz is out!

Recently, they’ve released an SEO tool for link building which simplifies both link building process and influencer opportunity research. By combining multiple API’s, custom spam factors and unique algorithm Dibz automates your link building, guest post, influencers & bloggers outreach. Recently, tool appeared on Product Hunt as well, don’t miss the chance to upvote them!

Before we say our goodbyes

Not so small anymore, Four Dots team is taking over the global and local marketing scene and they are worth keeping an eye on. In this series of articles, we want to introduce you to some notable startups from Serbia. Last week, we talked about City Expert. If you’ve missed it, now it’s about time to check it out!

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