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How to grow your connections on live events?

How to grow your connections on live events? February 11, 2019Leave a comment
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We’ve already touched the subject by answering the burning question about the relevance of the tech conferences. If you’ve read our article, then you probably realized what kind of benefits you can have from attending them. One of the main reasons individuals and companies are attending live events is to grow their connection circle. Networking can do wonders to your business and your personal career, and you should use every opportunity to meet new people when it’s possible. That stands even when it comes to the people that are not directly connected with what you do. Sometimes, the best business opportunities occur when they are least expected. In this article, we will give you a few tips on how to grow your connections on live events. Make yourself comfortable, and read on.

The first tip towards growing connections is to choose carefully

When it comes to attending live events, you really need to choose carefully which one you’ll attend. Not only because they are costly but also because attending one of them will deprive you of your precious time. And if you don’t choose carefully which events you’re participating in, that means you will inevitably lose much needed time you could spend doing something that actually matters.

Live events are like people, not everyone will match your sensibility neither will give you something valuable. If you’re a beginner in attending conferences, maybe you should try with smaller events first. Attending smaller events will provide you with an opportunity to meet more people. Attendees tend to lose their focus while attending big events and easily lose themselves in the crowd. So, if you’re a noob conference wise, start first with the smaller games.

If you are an event organizer, invite attendees surrounded by a common interest and try to narrow down the target group or audience.

Make a strong first impression

Once you’ve decided which event you’re going to attend, be sure to make a strong positive first impression. Your time to introduce yourself and make a connection on live events is limited. Be sure not to waste it, and we have a few tips on how to avoid this.
The first tip we will give you is – try not to be one of those who doesn’t buy the ticket to the event, but crashes the networking nights. That’s annoying! And on top of that, you don’t want to be known as the one who was cheap enough not to buy the ticket. Go big or go home, live events are investments in your future.

Be careful with business cards

The second tip for you to remember is to be careful with giving a business card. Yup, we get it – you’ve prepared well, you printed out your business card and felt like this is the time to shine. Wrong! If you start randomly throwing your business card, you will achieve as much as if you didn’t bring them at all. Before you offer your business card to somebody, be sure you made a connection. What you should work on is to make people remember you, and cards can be a sort of reminder for later.

Watch your manners!

We might sound like your parents, however, some people really need to read it. Live events are not all you can eat buffets! Don’t focus on snacks and drinks, make sure you meet some people who can make your business grow. However, you can use the snacks or drinks as a conversation starter – but don’t overdo it!

In this article, we tried to give you some tips on what should you do to grow your connections on live events. However, if you need some tips on networking, check it out here.

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