SerbianTech News Are tech conferences worth the time and money?

Are tech conferences worth the time and money?

Are tech conferences worth the time and money? January 14, 2019Leave a comment
Tech conferences

Constant buzz, an endless flow of people and the adrenaline rush. Everyone seems to be in a hurry to present themselves in the best possible way, and there is a palpable feeling of urgency in the air. There are just too many sensations: from leaflets to the screens and company representatives who are eager to show what their company has to offer. This seems like a short description of every possible tech conference out there. But, are those few days (and months of preparation for it) worth the money, and what’s more important, worth your time? And can your company (and in which ways) benefit from attending tech conferences?

Are tech conferences worth the trouble?

Like with everything, attending a tech conferences comes with its perks and downsides, and exhibiting in one of them is something you should think through. If you are, however thinking about attending one of them, we tried to give you an answer (or points worth considering) to the burning question: are they worth the time and money?

Exclusivity of information

We live in a digital era, and we have a free (and wide) access to the information. If we want to know what the latest trends in our professional niche are, we are just one click from finding out about them. Companies are spending massive amounts of money on marketing, and the good thing about is that it gives us the opportunity to find something new almost daily.

However, not all things can be found on social networks, various newsletters and online media. For digging deeper into the latest trends and stay on top of the game you need to attend conferences. There is something about those places that gather like-minded people, would you agree? The point is, by attending a conference you get to see what are the top trends and innovations first, and that’s why visiting conferences matter!

Raising awareness

Social media can do so much, but there is something in a live communication that cannot be transferred via online channels. Companies are spending massive amounts of money into building their online presence, but the ones who made it to the top will undoubtedly say few things in favour of creating your „offline“ presence. By participating in a conference as a company, you are saying that you are relevant, staying up to date with the latest trends and that you are eager to make it to the top. It will show your company is worth trusting and will make you people see you as an expert in your niche.

Scouting for new employees

Tech industry is developing with the speed of light, and there is a constant shortage of quality people to hire. And as much as employees are working on improving their skills, there is an uncanny similarity when it comes to companies and their hiring processes. To get the best possible workers out there many successful companies are continually improving the company branding long before they need to actually hire someone. And the ones who do the best job at it, have a constant overflow of resumes in their inboxes.  By participating in a conference, and when it comes to tech companies that are especially important, you are showing that you are a perfect choice to work at. Future employees will see you’re someone who knows what needs to be done, that is not afraid to show initiative and ready to tackle the unsolvable problems. You will make them feel like they can advance their career by working for you and that they can learn valuable skills.

Generate Leads

And this one is debatable. Some experts say that conferences are not entirely suitable for generating leads, but we strongly disagree. You don’t have to see an immediate response and catch the future investors right at the conference you’re attending. Sometimes the best deals come even after a few months of silence! While at the conference, switch your focus from direct selling straight away to presenting your company in the best possible way. You need to focus on making people interested in what your company has to offer and make your company more visible and to stand out from the crowd. Sounds logical?

And this is where our list ends. We would like to highlight the fact that while considering the participation of your company at a tech conference you need to think about all the reasons you want to go there. Don’t make it a rushed decision, and the results will follow.

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