SerbianTech News Why you should attend tech events in 2019.

Why you should attend tech events in 2019.

Why you should attend tech events in 2019. January 17, 2019Leave a comment
Tech events

As a society, we’re constantly advancing, and it seems we just cannot catch up with everything. However, we’re expected to be familiar with the latest trends in the world. And no matter what we do, we will find our knowledge is lacking in some ways.

How and why tech events can help us stay relevant?

The point is – no matter how much we try to stay informed we just can’t know everything. Even if we were reading newspapers and magazines 24/7, we would certainly miss some information. Many of us may feel clueless, but the point is to carefully choose what you will follow and which information you really need. If you and your company are in a tech field, it is undoubtedly an excellent choice to choose to attend some tech conferences and see the trends from the first hand. We prepared for you a list of objectives on why are tech conferences so important and why is crucial for you (and your company) to attend these events.  And if you are not sure if they worth your money and time, maybe you should read our blog post about it HERE.

Meet new talents

Even if your company is in a non-tech field, it still can be interesting to attend tech conferences. You know why? Nowadays no matter what area your business is in, it is probably heavily dependable on tech. Take this simple example for instance. Your company is selling physical products and does it via the website also. To market your merchandise and stay ahead of the competition you most probably use online tools for tracking online sales. And that’s all tech domain. While attending a tech conference, you can meet new and exciting people who can give relevant advice to optimize and skyrocket your sales. Now that could be convenient, right?

Find new customers

While there is a huge demand for programmers, web designers, product managers, etc. there is still a need for all those professionals outside of tech niche. Companies like Google, Tesla and Amazon still need lawyers and accountants to run their business. And that’s why you should definitely consider attending tech events with your company even though it doesn’t belong to the tech industry. You can always take part at it as a participant on some panel and make it relevant to the tech industry. Seems legit?

Become more visible

Becoming more visible is a real problem for small companies and startups. And even though media and bloggers usually come just to cover top stories and latest announcements, attending conferences can still benefit your company. What you need to do is to prepare wisely for the conference and try to do some serious PR. Or you can use those kinds of events to build the relationships with media and try to clear up the path for the future media coverage. It takes a lot of effort, but it pays off significantly in the end.

Get inspired

As we already noted in our previous article, some information is impossible to find by browsing the internet. No matter how much you try to stay informed. By attending tech conferences, you will be able to get the first-hand information on what is new in the tech industry and even get inspired to give your project (or product) and unusual turn. While at the conference, take a closer look at what competition is doing and adjust your game accordingly.

Meet investors and mentors

The fantastic thing about conferences is that you get the meet the people who are leaders in the given niche. And this is the perfect opportunity to catch. You never know who’s going to listen what you have to say, but it is for sure a 100% better chance than mailing someone you don’t know. Just try to prepare well for the conference and to show your company in a good light. If nothing else, more people will hear about what you’re doing. And will make you more visible to the tech professionals.

Remember, every attendee at the event is there with the mindset for new opportunities. There is no better time or place to start a business conversation but at the conference.

And this is all for this time. Don’t miss the opportunity to check our latest offers and apply to attend one of them. We can help you present your company in the best possible light and make your experience and company unforgettable.

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