SerbianTech News Up to 25% off on worldwide tech events

Up to 25% off on worldwide tech events

Up to 25% off on worldwide tech events November 23, 2018Leave a comment

Events as a part of marketing efforts are great but expensive!

Believe me on this. We did well over 40 international exhibitions and it can get pretty expensive. Seems like you get what you pay for. No wonder companies are spending enormous amounts of money to organize, attend and exhibit at the best tech events worldwide. So, what if you could be able to exhibit somehow and yet not pay the full price.

businessman thinking

businessman thinking

Everyone is hungry for visibility at the tech events.

The more exposure you get the better ROI you can expect! The solution comes by itself. One will just take the biggest exhibition space, build the biggest booth ever so everyone will see them. Makes sense, yet you will spend a huge buck on this strategy. Huge booth is not a guarantee to be ROI positive any time soon after the show.

This approach can also fire back and you kinda scare people away from approaching and talking to you thinking they are not big enough for your product or services. Of course, if you are a big company then this is not something you should care about too much.

But what if you could be at the big exhibition space and pay only a fraction of the price due to sharing it what other companies?

Are the events bad or you just didn’t use full potential?

Asking people and companies how was the event they say it was not that good. They didn’t have a lot of exhibitors, no one approached our huge booth, there was a lot of people and we couldn’t get exposure, I was right next to the direct competition. And one of my favorites, we didn’t have a booth and were trying to sell walking to other exhibitors. I heard probably every excuse for why some conference was less successful than what people were hoping for.

disappointed entrepreneur after event

disappointed entrepreneur after event

But it is not only on event organizers to promote you and create buzz for your business. They created fertile soil, gathered more or fewer people together and from there it is on you to do everything you can to maximize your presence. Organizers won’t pull each attendee for the sleeve to visit your booth and talk to you. It is something you have to do! In fact, all the excuses I heard (including mine) told me about what we as the exhibitors didn’t do to make it work.

Based on this knowledge and our experience we developed a set of services you can use to maximize your presence at the event. No matter how big or small your booth is, these services will help your visibility at the event. We suggest a two month campaign but it can be done in 15 days as well. Campaign for the event includes:

  • Landing page
  • A set of banners and graphics
  • Social media posting (FB, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Attendees screening
  • Email campaign to schedule meetings

What SerbianTech has to do with tech events?

We noticed lack of domestic companies and companies from the region which are actually exhibiting at the best worldwide tech events.  Because of this, we created an initiative which can offer worldwide tech events at a lower price by sharing exhibition space between several exhibitors. This way you can position on the worldwide tech market and still save on exhibition cost.

Adding our preparation services will make your next exhibition the best thing you did to your project visibility ever. And I’m not talking only about the visibility at the event. But the overall visibility of the whole project because this campaign is meant to reach not only the event attendees but much wider target audience.

Reach out to us with info about your target audience and the type of events you would like to visit.


One will say don’t tell me you are the first to think about offering these services. There must be a huge competition in such a competitive market. In Serbia and region not that much and worldwide there are not direct strategically the same competitors, so we can say we are a bit of a unique flower.

If we didn’t have competition it wouldn’t be good, so these are the pros and cons our competition compared to our platform.


  • Positioned on market
  • Bigger body with more employees
  • More influence
  • Bigger network


  • Lack of agility
  • The slow decision making process
  • The limited number of events you can attend per year
  • Monthly fee
  • Complex support structure


There is no better way to promote your brand, raise awareness, find investors, partners or just see what are the market trends, and what the competition is up to but visit worldwide tech events and do it in person. If you are looking to lower down the cost then our solution is perfect for you. Contact us because we can make your project grow!

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