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How to Prepare for Your First Business Conference

How to Prepare for Your First Business Conference January 25, 2019Leave a comment
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Before you even made a decision about participating in a business conference, we bet you read our article where we discussed weather tech conferences are worth the time and money and got reassured from any possible doubt you might have had. And now when you finally said yes to this big business moment, you need to prepare for it thoroughly to catch the right opportunity.

So, how you should prepare for your company’s first business conference?

CEOs of the successful companies know that when it comes to attending conferences preparation is extremely important. Especially if your company is exhibiting for the first time. That’s why we’re here to give you some tips on how you should prepare for your first business conference and how to present your company in the best possible light.

1. Stand out

Attending a business conference in most cases is not a cheap adventure. Unless you choose us to guide you through them! Check our offers HERE.
Besides carefully choosing the right one that suits your business needs you need to make sure you will get a positive return whatever it might be. And the first thing is to make sure you’re visible to your audience, potential employees, investors, clients, partners, users, etc. That’s why printing flyers, brochures, roll ups, and business cards should be a part of your budget. Roll ups will serve as a good sign for the participants to drop by and see what you have to offer, so design them to be intriguing. While flyers, brochures, and business cards are a good part of raising awareness about the company. Place them strategically and hand them away during the whole event, they will bring back invested money in no time. And what’s more – you can use them on several events until none is left! If you’re exploring various verticals you can create promo material adjusted to a specific niche.

2. Have a story worth telling

A good thing about corporations is that the people who are delegated to represent them on various events are not even interested to be there in the first place. And that’s a massive advantage if you are a small business owner or you’re a startup which struggles to get and keep the funds.
One thing about achieving success is knowing where you can take charge. Choosing an interesting topic to tell in a panel discussion is one among them. Make sure you have all eyes on you. Make a buzz among people in your industry by having something interesting to tell!

3. Know what you want to achieve

Some companies are participating in a business conference because they want to scout for potential hires, some want to make new business deals and to meet investors. There is a vast number of reasons companies choose to attend a business conference. For you and your company is the most important to know what you want to achieve and with that in mind prepare yourself. That’s why strategic thinking is so important. Your expectations will be met if you have a coherent strategy and if you follow it accordingly.

4. Be unique

Sometimes even a small thing can make you buzz worthy. If you want to be visible to potential hires, make sure your employees are representing your company in an original way! Shirts with your company’s logo and catchy phrase, or a simple, yet remarkable widget, will do the job just perfectly! If you want to attract users try to gamify their stay at your booth, or if you want investors, create a buzz on your current achievements, idea, and platform trends so they are intrigued to hear more about it. But you can also go deeper and create unique booth branding, giveaway trendy, useful, and even expensive branded gifts, etc.

5. Engage

All these things we mentioned before are not worth the trouble if you don’t engage with your audience. After you attract them with the speech you’ve prepared and banners you’ve put around the venue make sure you retain their attention by participating in a conversation. Make sure they get to know where you come from, what you did so far and what you want to achieve. Maybe one of them will become a valuable asset to your company one day, so don’t lose that chance!


Taking part in a business conference is never an easy task. As we already mentioned before, you really need to know what your objectives are. Knowing what you want to achieve by participating in a business conference is crucial. Make sure the money invested will be brought back to your company. You will do this either by raising awareness about its existence or attacking the potential hires, investors, partners, etc. Be bold and be brave, but first of all use your strategic thinking.

If you need help preparing for the event feel free to contact us.

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