SerbianTech News Presenting startup: Videobolt

Presenting startup: Videobolt

Presenting startup: Videobolt July 9, 2021

Videobolt is a platform that will help you make a video you could never imagine – in just a few minutes. Meet a startup that will make your daily responsibilities easier.


Momčilo Stojković started from the idea of ​​automating video production as much as possible. The solution should enable video creation even for those who have no experience in it. Without expensive software licenses and powerful computers, provide the opportunity to create, render and export video formats that meet the needs for further distribution.

It took about six months from the idea to the first MVP. This period was marked by intensive work on all the technical details and templates offered by this platform. A web video maker has also been implemented – which also supports working with Adobe After Effects files to achieve a premium design on each created video.

Founders of the Videobolt platform

Momčilo Stojković (CEO), Igor Halilović (CPO) and Uglješa Stojanović (CTO) founded Videobolt in 2016. They merged their love – design, frontend, and backend into one whole. Momčilo’s experience from the Vancouver Film Academy and the creation of special effects for films like Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and The X-Man Apocalypse contributed to the creation of a premium film quality temple. The scalability of the server infrastructure and the intuitiveness of the interface make Videobolt recognized as a key partner in everyday video creation.

The main advantages

In addition to the mentioned fact that Adobe After Effects is the basis of all templates, Videobolt is also mobile-friendly. This fact sets it apart from the competition because only them have the stated possibility. The idea of ​​Videobolt has always been to enable the creation of professional video at any time and in any place, and attention is focused on a video editor that is adaptable to all devices. If you need a format like a story for social media, it requires working on your phone to achieve maximum efficiency, and Videobolt allows you to do that.

The music industry was among the first to recognize the importance of this platform. A developed solution allows musicians to create fantastic videos based only on an audio file – music visualizers. That has proven to be a special thing for those who want to keep their focus on music, and they are aware that it is necessary to post videos on social networks.

The intro category is also popular. It is intended for those who want to brand content on the Internet. It is often used by influencers and content creators of different domains. It is an indispensable tool for both marketing and social media professionals.


Videobolt is recently refreshed with a completely new design, modern UI, and communication aimed at a new generation of users. Increasingly, this platform is used by freelancers, marketing experts, SMEs, HR teams, and the like. Here are some solutions that we single out:

Video ads creator

Promo video maker

Insta stories video maker

Employer branding video maker

Besides, they can respond to very complex business requirements and create 1,000,000 personalized videos in two weeks. They managed to scale the automation of video production and thus enable business users to contact their clients, primarily in person and with relevant data from the CRM system. Over a million pre-personalized video content has been created by large companies only for the needs of various clients.




During the summer of 2019, South Central Ventures recognized the value of the Videobolt platform and team, and the first seed investment took place. After that, there is rapid progress in all fields: the number of employees has doubled, the number of video templates on offer has quadrupled, the community of authors they were just founding at the time has exploded on over 100 active authors from around the world. This is followed by a period of a global pandemic, which they say has made them stronger. Consumption of video content has skyrocketed, and all creators have had the same problem: they have not been able to satisfy the market’s appetites for video creation. Here Videobolt imposed itself as a good choice and a reliable partner.


In Videobolt, they look at temples as Lego bricks that users assemble elsewhere. That is why they are developing a whole new system – Scene editor, which allows users to assemble video from several scenes in one place and then upload them directly to social networks or use within their site, CRM, or similar. In addition to Lego bricks, it will also have an entire playground construction site for making and composing videos.

You can find more information on their website.


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