SerbianTech News Klapper – video support chat that you will adore

Klapper – video support chat that you will adore

Klapper – video support chat that you will adore July 5, 2021
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Are you tired of waiting too long and clicking many buttons when contacting support? SerbianTech presents Klapper – the number 1 video support chat. Find out what it’s all about.

What does Klapper offer, and for whom is it intended?

Klapper offers instant customer video support to SaaS platform users. When you are on a website or SaaS platform, you often need additional explanations or more information. Klapper allows users to communicate directly with customer support via video in seconds and is designed so that B2B SaaS businesses do not impose additional hours of programming. Setup is simple, without complex integrations, in a few clicks.

It is intended for any business that has an internet presence and wants to improve customer support and the overall user experience. B2B SaaS platforms are powerful tools for improving and automating various processes and enable constant addition of functionality and improvements.

Although useful, those platforms are often complex. Recent research in this area shows that the average user of the SaaS platform uses only 10% of its functionality. That is a big loss of platform efficiency. Also, there is a big loss for the invested capital for research and development of the functionalities themselves.


The idea was born out of personal dissatisfaction – with the user experience and support on SaaS platforms, as well as out of a desire to improve the entire support process. The part of the team behind Klapper manages large SaaS platforms, and often it has been difficult to observe the dissatisfaction of users who cannot get effective and immediate help.

Klapper’s idea was born last year during a brainstorming session between the BAD SYSTEMS team and the CEO of the successful global B2B Saas business in the field of FinTech. So behind Klapper are people from the fields of programming, finance, management, marketing, and business. The team consists of about ten members.

After the “soft” version to beta users who will test the product, Klapper will be available globally – by the end of August.

The benefits it offers

What you can expect is:

  • Instant video chat between user and support operator
  • Easy integration
  • Each session is recorded, so each SaaS platform user can return to that session and view it again at any time.
  • Unlimited session length
  • Ability to schedule a session with customer support
  • Web solution – no need to install applications etc.

In today’s world that is focused on automating and digitizing processes and preoccupied with the constraints imposed by a pandemic, human interaction is essential if we are to maintain that “human factor” with any digital advancement. So remember – Better. Faster. Klapper.

You can see more information about Klapper on their website.

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