SerbianTech News Presenting startups: Braineering IT solutions

Presenting startups: Braineering IT solutions

Presenting startups: Braineering IT solutions January 28, 2021Leave a comment

The synonym for intelligent IT solutions.

Braineering is a company that helps your business thrive in the digital world. They design IT architectures, build data centers, outsource IT operations,  and provide educational and consulting services in the field of enterprise information technology for companies of all sizes.


We are here to help every business develop a good relationship with IT. Helping our customers solve various problems with IT is our passion. We will become the synonym for intelligent IT solutions.


We excel in every business or organization in the digital world. Braineering believes in digital transformation. We want to help everybody to be digitally agile and super productive.

System integration is the basis of their business, but they are also managed cloud service provider. Additionally, they provide turnkey IT solutions for small and medium enterprises and organizations. Their vision to become the synonym for intelligent IT solutions is realized by developing a global market product, which started in 2021. Please have a glance at their newest product!


System management and integration can be challenging, but it is undoubtedly mandatory.

Complex environments and always growing data sets a challenging task on IT operatives to maintain and seamlessly expand systems while maintaining business continuity.  Cloud technologies can help with fast and agile growth, but it comes with quite a few challenges. The migration to a public cloud is a serious task and requires much planning and resources.

But as cloud technologies, demand for organization agility, and data grow, the number of companies beginning their cloud journey is also increasing.  They all have the same problem: transition to a public cloud is hard!



We want to make cloud journeys easier and hassle-free. We want to see less integration and troubleshooting and more innovation in IT!

The goal is to enable the organization’s IT operatives to automate their existing infrastructure alongside cloud native and distributed edge resources and manage different domains, all as part of one common CI/CD pipeline.


We are creating a software application with an intuitive web-based GUI that can provide:

  • seamless migration,
  • integration,
  • orchestration of cloud workloads
  • and single pane of glass management capabilities.


What is beCloud?

beCloud is multi-cloud orchestration software for seamless migration to public cloud and cloud-native architecture that automates existing infrastructure beside cloud-native and distributed edge resources.

With beCloud, we try to provide a service where both the application and environment run together and extend traditional IaaS format into application development, providing our customers with an intelligent Environment as a Service Solution.


How beCloud works?

beCloud act as middleware and provides a simple way to deploy services or apps in a cloud environment.  The magic is done in three steps:

  1. Translates the app into a blueprint that auto-identifies resources and events for every tier of the app to describe how it should be orchestrated
  2. Using the blueprint to install the app in the cloud through cloud API that creates VMs and installs beCloud orchestrating agents on each VM
  3. App monitoring for predefined metrics and displaying those metrics visually


Be sure to check Braineering for your next project!



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