SerbianTech News Presenting startups: Licni kuvar

Presenting startups: Licni kuvar

Presenting startups: Licni kuvar December 9, 2020Leave a comment
Licni kuvar search

Licni kuvar (Personal Chef) is a brand created in Serbia in July 2019. It was devised by a professional chef with one main goal- to bring the fine dining experience to the warm atmosphere of your home or office.

What began as an individual idea based on the personal Instagram account became much bigger when the collaboration with an IT company from Serbia — CodeIT and the creator, chef Nenad happened.

Lični kuvar Serbian tech startup

Lični kuvar Serbian tech startup

That’s when licnikuvar.rs was created. The whole concept is based on providing a unique experience of enjoying food — meals are prepared on the spot by professional chefs, served for you, the kitchen gets cleaned behind and everything is left flawless. This covers the entire food preparation process — from shopping to cleaning, and you can experience it all where you feel most comfortable — in the warmth of your home or office. You can book one of our professional chefs in a very simple way and your only task is to leave everything to an expert and enjoy the delicious food on your plate.

For all the modern and traditional gastronomy lovers this platform we created different menus from different cuisines including Serbian traditional dishes, but also Asian, Mediterranean, French, etc. The professional chefs prepare the whole meal for you — from appetizers to dessert.

Guided by the research we conducted in numerous Belgrade restaurants, we came to some interesting data that 60% of people in restaurants do not feel comfortable – they are bothered by noise and stuffy atmosphere, and that they usually come only for the food.

Another survey we conducted in parallel is about the free time that people have to prepare meals for various events in their homes. From this survey, we got a surprising result that as many as 85% of people, due to lack of free time, order food for their guests from various catering or nearby restaurants, but they also confirm that they are always worried about whether their orders will meet their expectations.

Why Licni kuvar?

Nowadays, people lead extremely hectic and busy lives not having a chance to enjoy the little things and spend more time with their families. Going to elite and expensive restaurants might look like a solution, but in reality, people cannot relax and spend some quality time bonding with their loved ones.

Licni kuvar search

Licni kuvar search

That is what makes Licni kuvar the perfect combo — it brings flavourful restaurant-like meals directly to your doorstep. The chef cooks for you while you can be sure to be present at the moment and not worry about the meal on your stove or doing the dishes afterward and still be able to experience a delicious fine dining experience. Best of both worlds.

Main goals

Our main goal has been to help the professional chefs find their customers despite the crisis. Our number one priority is to keep both the customers and the chefs safe by keeping the distance, making sure everything is sanitized carefully, and wearing gloves and masks while preparing the meals.

Licni kuvar menu

Licni kuvar menu

HoReCa industry has suffered great losses during the global Covid Pandemic and this is one of the ways to help it. Chefs can continue working and gastronomy lovers can still be able to experience the food without going to crowded restaurants.

Also, there is the corporate aspect —organization of innovative team building activities when your employees can be a part of the process. The chef cooks for them while showing them the little tips and tricks in the kitchen so that everyone is included.

Licni kuvar really represents a new era for organizing various events and gatherings leaving both the hosts and the guests to enjoy professionally prepared dishes and to spend quality time with their loved ones.

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