SerbianTech News Quantox’s second humanitarian CS:GO tournament

Quantox’s second humanitarian CS:GO tournament

Quantox’s second humanitarian CS:GO tournament March 18, 2021Leave a comment
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Humanitarian tournament for Nađa’s health

The Quantox Foundation is organizing the second in a row CS:GO humanitarian tournament to raise funds for treatment assistance, this time for the treatment of Nadja Đerović. The competition will take place on 03.04. and 04.04., and applications are possible until the end of March.

About the tournament

All IT companies from Serbia can participate in the tournament. Companies can also register their teams from other countries if they have them. A company representative should register team members by filling out the application form, and the maximum number is three teams per company. All team members need to be employed by the same company and have a Steam account.

Participation in the tournament is free, but all companies wishing to join can donate money – and it will increase the mutual fund. Donations will be anonymous and directed for the treatment of Nađa Đerović.

The competition system will be known just before the start of the tournament because it depends on the number of registered teams.

On last year’s humanitarian CS: GO tournament attended by 80 companies and 70 teams participated. There were collected 3,242,000 Serbian dinars. Jola Interactive tandem won first place. In second place was the team from Symphony, and in third place was the Work & Co team. The winners, in agreement with the organizers, decided that the money be donated as follows:

  • 50% of the budget – 1,621,000.00 dinars to the Clinical Center in Niš
  • 30% of the budget – 972,600.00 dinars to the Republic Health Insurance Fund for assistance to medical staff
  •  20% of the budget – 648,400.00 dinars to UNICEF for the purchase of equipment


Who is Nađa Đerović, and why do we play for her?


Nađa is a prematurely born girl from Čačak who suffers from cerebral palsy. She is three years old and regularly goes to physical therapy, which has given her progress so far. Her family is struggling with high costs that require constant rehabilitation services and treatment. According to the doctor’s recommendation, for their efforts to be more successful after the physical therapies scheduled for the next period, Nadja should go to America in two years for an operation that would significantly help her in her further development.

Estimates assume that 117,500 euros should be collected for the costs of physical therapy and neurorehabilitation with robotics before the surgery. Also 70,000 euros for the trip and the surgery. The total estimated costs are 187,500 euros.

 If you can please help, you can make payments to the account of Nađa’s mother: 325930060047995777

Recipient: Milica Đerović, Bate Jankovića 58/2, Čačak


It is also possible to donate funds to the account of the Quantox Foundation. They will redirect all funds to the family.

Recipient: “Quantox Foundation” Bishop Nikifor Maksimovića 31, Čačak

Recipient’s account number: 160-6000000765134-55

Purpose of payment: Help for Nađa Đerović


This smiling and brave girl desperately needs help from all of us. Let’s make Nađa walk together. United, we can do a lot, so we expect a response in as many numbers as possible.

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