SerbianTech News Robotiq.ai – 900,000 euros for a Croatian startup

Robotiq.ai – 900,000 euros for a Croatian startup

Robotiq.ai – 900,000 euros for a Croatian startup May 15, 2021
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Robotiq.ai, a Croatian startup for software robot development, received an investment of € 900,000 from the Czech fund J&T Ventures within the J&T Group.

Three experienced IT engineers, Darko Jovišić, Marko Gudelj, and Ivan Belas, founded this startup in 2018. Robotiq.ai deals with robotic automation (RPA), and to better solve the challenges they face in business, they use artificial intelligence (AI) to provide simplicity and chatbots for human-robot collaboration. The software robots they develop can do almost any task – like an individual. These include analyzing data, creating reports, finding information, communicating, and performing lots of technical tasks – such as communicating with a database. In addition, the robots developed by Robotiq.ai are 70% faster and easier to enter existing systems than the competition.

The importance of what they do was also recognized by the Serbian company Dunav osiguranje – and they chose Robotiq.ai as their platform for robotic process automation that will help them automate repetitive tasks and increase efficiency. In addition to them, there are several companies from Croatia, Austria, and South Africa.At the HR Week event in 2019 in Serbia, Robotiq.ai was part of the SerbianTech stand, which represented several startups. On this occasion, we would like to congratulate them on the success they have achieved – and we believe that this is just one in a series of many that will come in the future.


If you want to apply this solution, you can contact them through the site.

We are witnessing that technology is more and more present in everyday life. Due to the ease of operation, it will surely be even more in the future, and we will only get to know the full potential of automated processes. That is why it is necessary to acquaint with their possibilities and apply them in our business.

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