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What to focus on while exhibiting in a tech conference

What to focus on while exhibiting in a tech conference March 15, 2019Leave a comment
exhibiting in a tech conference

Conferences are a great way to present your company, boost their visibility, pitch your product and even scout for some new hires. However, just paying the fee for it and reserving a booth stand is not enough to make your presence there profitable. To make the most out of participating and exhibiting in a tech conference you need to prepare yourself carefully. To call it a success, many companies are preparing for it for many months in advance. That’s why some companies avoid exhibiting in a tech conference – and some of them are hiring professionals to help them out, just like we are.

You want to showcase what your company has to offer, but you don’t know where to begin?

Do not worry! Right here in this article, we are going to guide you through a to-do list of what you have to know while exhibiting in a tech conference. So let’s begin.

Value for money

Before you actually say “yes” to exhibiting in a tech conference, take your time to really determine what you want to achieve by attending them. We’ve tried to answer the question if bad tech events really exist, and we came to the conclusion that everything is about our expectations. So, before you decide to attend some event ask yourself what you want to do. Is it raising brand awareness, generating leads? Knowing why you’re exhibiting in a tech conference will enable you to make the most out of your attendance and to appear in a way that will meet your goals needs the most.

Make it count

If your main goal for exhibiting in a tech conference is generating new leads, you really need to stand out. Nobody will give you their contact if you ask them to leave them on a boring blank piece of paper. Or is your primary goal to raise awareness about your business? Then your goal should be to stand out as much as possible from the crowd. Be brave in your quest to make the most while exhibiting in a tech conference and one possible way to do it is to build your presence around your company’s story. Make one detail stand out and let it become a recognisable part of your brand’s identity.


We’re living in an era where everything moves almost at the speed of light and were unable to maintain our focus for long. That’s why, if your goal is to attract as many people as you can to visit your booth stand, you need to think of some out of the box ways to do so. But be sure not to do it by offering some gadgets and apps to the visitors. Everyone does that these days. Instead, tell a story about yourself and do it uniquely. Make your visitors genuinely interested in what you have to offer, and make sure you have invested some time in building your visual identity.

Make some pre-event meetings

Tech conferences are great. However, the thing that really seals the deal hides in the sessions you do before you even go to the discussion. Once you realise your booth stand in the conference should serve as a meeting point and adds value to your brand, you will be happier with its outcome.

Prepare material

Don’t go to the conference empty-handed. Don’t even try to do so. By printing out some roll up banners and business cards, you will make sure you will stay visible to the ones that really matter. And exchanging some business cards can give you valuable leads you can use after the conference is ended.

Attending a conference requires work. But in the end, it pays off greatly. But, before you decide to invest your money and time into exhibiting in a conference be sure you’ve examined all how your brand can grow and checked our to-do list we gave you right now.

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