SerbianTech News Answer to the question: Do bad tech events even exist?

Answer to the question: Do bad tech events even exist?

Answer to the question: Do bad tech events even exist? February 25, 2019Leave a comment
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In today’s article, we are going to talk about whether bad tech events even exist. Sure, we understand the importance of proper budgeting, especially if you are a small startup trying to cut costs where’s needed. We’ve talked about whether tech conferences are worth your money and time and now we’re going to focus on the second most important question regarding this topic. So, let’s begin.

How to pick the right bad tech event

Participating in a conference is a significant decision you should think through carefully. You are investing your money, and what’s more important, your time in it and you better see some results. When you start looking online, you will see that there’s a lot to choose from. From small, middle-sized to downright big conferences abroad and in the region, there is a lot to take in. So, based on the type and size of your business you should choose which one suits your needs the best. However, once you’ve decided, it’s important to remember your job is not done. It has begun at this moment. Or you will end up with bad tech event on your back.

Preparation, preparation… will make bad tech event a great one

Preparing for a tech conference is not about clicking a button where you just sign in and pay the fee. It’s much more. In fact, it’s a job by itself which needs to be appropriately executed from the beginning until the end. And there are a few things to think about.

Use your booth spot wisely

Just think about it, you’ve invested the time and money to show up disinterested. Surprisingly, we found many representatives looking downright indifferent in showing the participant what they offer. Instead of beaming with energy, many of them are on their phones, looking into their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. So, to make any tech conference worth it, be sure not to be among this disinterested group. You are showing the face of your company to the world. Make it count by standing out from the crowd and bad tech event will surprisingly come up as a good one.

Prescheduled meetings

Don’t underestimate the power of prescheduled meetings. In fact, to make any conference work, this is one of the most important things to do. Your booth in it should serve as the meeting point and something that gives value to your brand.

Become a speaker

To actually catch the attention of the investors, potential hires and build brand awareness try to book yourself a place among the conference speakers. We’re sure you have something new and exciting to offer to the community. Make sure you stand out! Be among the ones who are taking the leadership position in the industry!


We already wrote about the importance of networking. In fact, we gave you some tips on how to effectively mingle on tech events. Networking is essential for every business. Be bold and take the initiative. By meeting new people in the niche, you will be able to get valuable contact for further development.

Promotional material

Make sure you’ve printed out your business cards, banners, and leaflets and roll up banners before you go to the conference. To stand out from the crowd, you need to place all promotional material strategically. And make sure your business cards get into the right hands!

Scan competition

Know who’s coming, what they do like you, what you do better and what you can learn from them. Know your game well and adjust your appearance accordingly. You can even look for some partnerships while there, seems reasonable?

Make your online presence spotless

Before going to the event, make sure your online presence is impeccable. If your website needs polishing, be sure to do it. Your website and social networks are your business cards!

To answer the question from the beginning. Do bad tech events even exist? The answer is a loud NO. Your actions will determine which event will be a success or a complete failure. If you’ve decided to attend it, be sure to get the most of invested time and money in return. And don’t forget to follow our tips!

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