SerbianTech News Conferences: seeing the people or seeing the company

Conferences: seeing the people or seeing the company

Conferences: seeing the people or seeing the company March 2, 2019Leave a comment

We really love our job! And that’s a privilege of its own. Over the years, we helped many companies and startups skyrocket their sales and improve their business by attending conferences. We helped them build their brand, create business opportunities, meet potential investors and discover new trends in their own niche. Some people even got hired thanks to us, we can proudly say. And seeing those startups and businesses succeed and develop over the years makes this journey worth it. By doing this, we saw the real importance of attending a conference as a company – exhibiting. That’s why we were so struck seeing many Serbian tech companies sent their employees as attendees of Mobile World Congress 2019 but there was no interest to showcase their service by exhibiting. We could only stand in wonder and ask aloud: WHY?

Conferences are gold for any company’s development

And we’re firmly standing by this claim. We wrote several times about the importance of conferences and meetups for any company’s growth. We even went into a debate on whether tech conferences are worth your money and your time. So, how come companies are able to see the importance of registering their employees as attendees while failing to exhibit and showcase their projects and services to the community?

Lack of funds for exhibiting at a conferences as a company

… might be one of the reasons. Yes, it’s financially more interesting to send out one or several of your employees. And yes, they will have the opportunity to learn new things, meet interesting people from the industry and get valuable contacts they can use. However, by sending out your workers on it and failing to exhibit as the company you’re doing a small step for your company compared to the one you could have if you decided to step out as a company.

That’s why it is important

… to invest wisely. Investing in your people and their growth is a good thing, and it tells a lot about the company. Why not do both and combine employees education with employer branding by exhibiting? There are great solutions for exhibiting for the ones who are trying to cut the cost down, and we can definitely work with you in finding a solution that works best you. Shared booth space is another way you can do both – gain visibility for a lower price and having your employees at the Mobile World Congress. If this is something that would interest you, reach out to us. We will gladly help you reach your goals.

Preparation for a conference takes a lot of time

That’s true. In our previous article, we discussed extensively whether bad tech events really exist. We came to the conclusion they do not. The only thing which exists is unprepared teams who expect a lot while not investing an inch of their time. Prescheduled meetings, leaflets, and rollup banners are an essential part of the story while planning conference attendance. It’s much easier to bail on it and just send your employees to do the job. The companies who do this are often failing to realize that time and money invested in conference participation will return in so many ways. And even if you don’t have enough time and willpower to indulge in event preparation, there’s a solution for it. Besides offering a shared booth stands in conferences we provide as well much needed support before and during the meeting. We can conquer it together, just bring it on!

In the end

Don’t be afraid to step forward and participate in a conference. With our help, the whole experience will look so easy, and the entire journey will be smooth. Take a leap, give us the opportunity to show you all the places your business can go.

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