SerbianTech News How Clockify made tracking time off easy?

How Clockify made tracking time off easy?

How Clockify made tracking time off easy? February 22, 2019Leave a comment

Modern-day workplace looks way different than the office how we traditionally see it. More and more people are taking the opportunity to work remotely. And that’s great, both for the employer and the employee. One cuts the costs, and the other one saves the time traveling from and to work and has the chance to finish personal obligations and chores. And when it comes to vacations, we are noticing a significant change. Successful companies like Netflix and Crowdflower put into work Unlimited vacation policy, a system in which employees can take as many free days as they need as long as the job gets done.

Time tracking software is the necessity of a modern time company.

When we look at all of this, we can realize why time tracking software became the necessity of a modern time office.
Development shop Coing Inc also measured its workers time via time tracking software. And they were paying it well. However, one day they received the notice that the price of it was doubled. That was the turning point where they decided to make their tool. And this is when Clockify was made. They say:

Clockify is a simple time tracker and timesheet app for tracking productivity, attendance, billable hours, and payroll.

It all started in February 2017. And it was mostly for internal use. That’s when they’ve decided to offer it to the world. And the reaction was better than it was expected – over 17.000 registrations during the first week!

So far seems like Clockify is doing a great job

Now, almost two years later, you can find 2 cloud packages and a free one online. We are especially proud that this Serbian team made such a breakthrough in its community. Located in Novi Sad, they managed to offer a good product for a significantly lower price than the competition. And their list of subscribed users continues to grow!
Check them out ASAP, and support them in their journey.

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