SerbianTech News Why do developers opt for React?

Why do developers opt for React?

Why do developers opt for React? July 29, 2021

JavaScript offers us one fantastic library – React. We present to you what it is that makes developers around the world decide to use it.

What is React?

React (also known as React.js or ReactJS) is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library. Used to easily create a rich user interface (UI) or UI component. It is maintained by Facebook and the community of individual developers and companies. It was first posted on Facebook’s news feed in 2011 and on Instagram in 2012, and today is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries.



The main roles are speed, scalability, and simplicity. You can also use it in combination with other JavaScript libraries and frameworks. React allows you to place HTML code inside JavaScript and works with a Virtual DOM.

Here are the main advantages.

Easy to learn

If you have a basic knowledge of programming, you can easily master React. You will need HTML and CSS, and the better you know JavaScript, the easier it will be for you to learn how to use this library.

That will give you extra motivation not to give up – because you will be able to start creating quickly.

There are many online courses that you can find at very affordable prices.

Faster development

You can increase productivity by using reusable components and development tools. That means that you can make more money in less time, which is a common goal of companies and startups.

There are many development tools for this library that speed up your work. For example, a browser extension called React Developer Tools can make coding much easier. You can install it on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. However, while studying, it is best to do everything yourself. It will help you to better and faster understand the possible problems you will face.

Strong community support

The large community is working to improve the React library. Developers around the world are helping people learn technology in a variety of ways.

While writing this blog, if you Google search React tutorials, you will see about 347,000,000 results.

React is used by large companies

React is used by large companies and startups such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Shopify, Dropbox, CodeAcademy, Netflix, IMDb, Airbnb, PayPal, Walmart, Khan Academy, Tesla Motors, Uber, Amazon, etc. Many popular applications using React.

That should be a clear indication that React is undoubtedly a very high-quality front-end tool.

Compatible with older versions

There are not many libraries, frameworks, or languages ​​that offer full compatibility with older versions. React is one of the few that provides this convenience. Accordingly, it is the right time to find out for yourself why there is so much trust from powerful companies.

react kod

react kod

Start learning and applying, or hire someone who is already experienced in it and provide your clients/users with an amazing experience that they will know how to reward.


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