SerbianTech News Presenting startup: Blinking

Presenting startup: Blinking

Presenting startup: Blinking August 6, 2021
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Blinking Identify is a software platform for digital identification based on the principles of “privacy by design.” Users can easily, securely, and quickly identify and verify their personal information when using remote services. Read more about the company, its founders, and the superior platform that emerged from the desire to provide customers with advanced service and user experience at the best possible price in the European market.

Blinking company and its founders

The Blinking company was founded by Miroslav Minović and Miloš Milovanović in 2017. They desire to help companies identify their customers remotely quickly and easily. The end-user does not need to spend time and money to go to the branch – without waiting in line and paperwork. Blinking allows you to identify yourself from any place where you have an internet connection, mobile phone, or computer.

Miroslav and Miloš are also university professors and engineers. They have gathered a very talented team around them, with whom they are working on developing a whole series of innovative products that will be talked about. Their biggest reward is a large number of satisfied customers. With existing clients, they are continuously learning how to improve their products and always be one step ahead of the competition in the market.

Miloš i Miroslav - osnivači

Miloš i Miroslav - osnivači


So far, Blinking has received two investments that came from private funds and angel investors. Among the investors is the fund of our famous tennis player, Ana Ivanović, who invested 1.3 million euros at the beginning of 2020, as stated on CrunchBase. Also, in March 2020, the World Bank launched a project funded by the European Union under the Western Balkans Enterprise Development and Innovation Program (WB EDIF), implementing it with the support of consulting firm Deloitte. According to the jury, the three most successful companies won the “Western Balkans Entrepreneurial Excellence Award” and customized advisory support from local and regional experts from the world’s leading consulting company – Deloitte. As the only company in the category of digital identity and solutions for onboarding users, Blinking was among the winners. This kind of experience is cardinal and helps overcome the everyday challenges that lie ahead of companies that break into large markets where competition is advanced. The company emphasizes connecting by participating in such programs with companies from the region that are on the same path.

Miloš - Blinking

Miloš - Blinking

The idea behind the Blinking Identify platform

They thought that technology had been ripe for digital transformation for many years, but something seemed to be missing. Business systems were looking for a suitable way to turn their business towards digital interaction, but they lacked adequate solutions to bridge that gap. As users, they thought about when the time would come for the lines in front of the branches to disappear – when everything would be able to get “on the click.”

First of all, they created something that they wanted to use. They enabled organizations to get a reliable and secure way to collect data about their users and end-users to avoid fraud, prevent identity theft and misuse of personal data.

What do you get?

The advantage of the Blinking Identify solution involves minimal difficulty or effort implementation and intuitive use. It maximally protects customer data and puts it under its control – so they can feel completely safe.

Processes can be assembled, like building blocks, and services and products can be found on the market in record time, thanks to tools based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology with advanced encryption. Also, processes can be more or less assigned to artificial intelligence – so that some of them can be fully automated – while in some you can divide the work between man and machine. Once digitalized, the user can easily get new services and products, which can be personalized in cooperation with other business entities and enable a single product on the market (eg. banking products and insurance or sale of goods with dedicated loans).

Blinking Identify

Blinking Identify is a platform that responds to market demand to digitize user interaction – in a way that meets regulatory requirements but does not make processes laborious and demanding.

For offering products and services online – it is necessary to satisfy several requirements. First, secure the process, verify identity reliably, monitoring the entire process digitally, and that the user experience is plain and enjoyable. Blinking Identify offers all of the above.

Blinking operates globally – Canada, Switzerland, Great Britain, but with a strong focus on our region where they are present in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia.

The telecommunications and financial sectors stand out as the dominant industries in which they operate, and Telekom Srbija, AIK Bank, Diners Club Macedonia stand out as the significant clients. In addition, they are present in the sector of games of chance and sports betting, where they have established cooperation with market leaders such as Max Bet, Soccer, Victory.rs. Other sectors in which they operate are e-commerce, brokerage, KYC providers, etc.

What next?

Blinking is preparing a big surprise early next year. It will surely raise the bar of the existing ones and set new standards in electronic identification on the European market.

By regularly following their website and social media accounts, be among the first to find out more about it.

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