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Presenting startup: ActiveCollab

Presenting startup: ActiveCollab August 13, 2021
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ActiveCollab is project management software that gives you complete control over your work. For more than a decade, over 50,000 teams of major global brands have achieved their goals using ActiveCollab, including Apple. Let’s meet it together.

The idea and founders of a startup

The founders of ActiveCollab are Ilija Studen and Goran Radulović. At the beginning of the faculty, Ilija was very interested in programming and the web. He had a lot of small projects started and very few completed. That’s how ActiveCollab begins. He created an environment that combines blog elements and a to-do list packed in a folder called Project. It didn’t seem difficult because he already made, used, and learned a lot from his blog system in the process. He was soon joined in the making by his colleague Goran, who is also a programmer.



The development of the open-source project began in 2006. Since then, it has changed two forms of licensing – in 2007 to commercial and in 2013 to subscription. The model initially boiled down to selling a license that gives the customer the right to install one ActiveCollab on their server, and that sales model still exists. Since 2013, they have been moving to SaaS. The transition was completed between 2017 and 2018, but it was retained because there is still a group of customers who cannot switch to SaaS due to legal regulations and security. As the market and customer expectations are constantly changing, so are they adapting to them.

How does ActiveCollab stand out?

There are many tools on the market today for organizing projects and businesses, including large companies. What sets ActiveCollab apart from others is: certainly the design, but also the way they develop the product. Although they were among the first to enter this sphere of software, they remained a small company, which may seem like a disadvantage, but it is an advantage because they dedicate themselves more closely to their users. They carefully read the feedback, comments, and suggestions they receive and try to implement them in the application as efficiently as possible. They communicate with customers regularly to know what their business needs are. The fact that they are proud of and that they are happy to point out is that they have integrated numerous features into one application and thus met more user needs.

ac team

ac team


ActiveCollab offers a unique solution for all the needs of one company. At one place, you can:

  • organize the tasks of the whole team,
  • harmonize the deadlines of each part of the project,
  • cooperate with clients and thus avoid endless series of emails and potential loss of information.

Also, you can record absences, easily divide work into equal parts, record time with an integrated stopwatch on each task and project, as well as charge recorded hours via invoices that are sent directly to clients. In short, from the idea, through the realization, to the billing – you can organize the whole process through ActiveCollab.


For users to continue working with their team wherever they are, ActiveCollab also offers a mobile app – download it from iOS and Android stores.

In addition, the functionality that is in high demand is an integrated stopwatch that non-invasively measures the time spent on tasks without capturing screen images and recording visited sites.

It is important to emphasize that from its inception – until today, ActiveCollab has not had any foreign investment. The product and the company grow exclusively from the sales they make.


They are currently working on developing the latest part of the application, which is an integrated chat application.

The goal is to centralize the entire team communication in one place, even the informal ones. Through assignments, discussions, and notes, they like to comment on every part of the job officially, but now they want to allow users to lead less formal discussions through Chat. They are aware that some tools like Slack are popular among companies, but they also know how easy it is to lose information in apps like this. Another item that directly conflicts with their primary principles is that such platforms allow managers to read messages of their employees. ActiveCollab Chat ensures that messages stay between interlocutors and thus want to preserve everyone’s privacy.

For more information visit their website.


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