SerbianTech News Why every startup needs StarS?

Why every startup needs StarS?

Why every startup needs StarS? June 16, 2021

StarS is a SerbianTech Startup Submit Service that helps connect startups with investors, accelerators, hubs, and organizations.


Through this service, you will have access to up to 70 directories, and this results in increased visibility in startup circles and thus a large number of queries from relevant people.


How can StarS help?


Links – Startups get links from prominent directories that will improve SEO and bring more followers through processors.

Feedback – Some of the directories allow users to comment on an idea and business.

Visibility – Presentation and visibility of startups in front of a large number of relevant organizations that are looking for – new products and services.


Let us save you up to 25 hours of your time. You will have startup directories at your fingertips.



What is needed?


You create an email address on your server and give us access data. Using this email address, we will register you in over 70 directories from our database. After registration is complete, you can change the email password so that your data is protected. The next step is to respond to the messages of funds, investors, and accelerators.


Note: Certain directories have a higher degree of filtering, so we do not guarantee that you will be listed in all the directories – to which we log you.


What are the approval options for directories?


You can expect between 40 and 50 directories to approve your startup. You have to keep in mind that it depends on the type and quality of your startup. See the probability of approval for each directory:

54% have a very high

11% high

7% average

5% low

21% very low


How high is the directory traffic?


The directory traffic is as follows:


17% excellent traffic

9% very high traffic

19% good traffic

55% average traffic


Besides, do-follow links make up 66% and no-follow 34%.


It takes one to two weeks to log in to directories – depending on the number of queries. You can always get an insight into our database by scheduling a demo session.


If you have additional questions or are interested in registering – contact us.


Use everything this Startup Submit Service offers. Be the next unicorn!

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