SerbianTech News Presenting startup: OrderEngine

Presenting startup: OrderEngine

Presenting startup: OrderEngine August 27, 2021
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OrderEngine is here to make your shopping easier and save you time. This app allows you to complete appointments while making coffee! In this post – we reveal all the advantages it offers, how the idea came about and what novelties we can expect.


OrderEngine is a solution that started its life in the hospitality industry. However, a great advantage is that its problem-solving model can be applied anywhere where there is a system of procurement of goods. Wherever there are purchases, errors and downtime occur that slow down productivity and OrderEngine could improve efficiency and reduce errors in almost every industry.

Also, OrderEngine covers the entire supply chain, and it’s universal about solutions that focus only on certain parts.

They made an effort to see what users would need, and they researched the market in detail.

The application is intended for catering facilities to connect with distributors and enable them to order everything they need in an easy, fast, and efficient way. It is easy to use, and with its help, distributors and catering facilities can easily and simply communicate about everything when it comes to procurement without direct contact, phone calls, etc.

OE app

OE app

This software solution has helped to minimize errors in the procurement process, and customers are satisfied because the entire work process is optimized. That has led to greater business efficiency.

OrderEngine is a platform that can narrow down to reorganizing other business systems.

The idea of ​​the OrderEngine startup

After joint consideration, the founders of this startup recognized the so-called “Gap” in the market and saw the need to work on this shortcoming. They began to think in the direction of solving this problem and how they would achieve it. They realized that our market needed a software product to facilitate communication and cooperation between beverage and food distributors and their catering clients. A system was created in which distributors connected with their customers, and their communication was significantly facilitated and accelerated. The goal of this software solution was also to simplify daily purchases for caterers. In addition, the exchange of information related to the procurement process itself is automated, thus reducing the possibility of unnecessary ordering errors, which cost both parties.

Before the realization, it was necessary to do a detailed analysis of the market and its needs – to make sure that the idea is valid. Fortunately, they had several acquaintances available in the hospitality industry. They get relevant feedback from potential customers. It was necessary to validate it by real users, and thus good acquaintances and connections to carry out research. Besides the initial research and verification of the idea, what is necessary is money to turn that idea into a finished product, as well as quality and motivated people who will do it. It took about a year to come to the realization. This process included: market research, the selection of a software solution, the development of the application itself, and the realization of the project that led to the final product called OrderEngine.



The entire project was financed by the bootstrap system – from the company’s finances. With that came great responsibility. It is necessary to have a good, reliable team working on the realization of the project, a business plan, and a model, which you must be ready to revise to stay in step with the market.

Further plans

OrderEngine originated in Serbia, but the goal has always been global expansion and scaling. London has been in the plans for a long time as the beginning of the expansion. Due to the situation with the pandemic, it was not possible to realize it. In the following period, they hope that they will finally get the opportunity to start placing on the British market.

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