SerbianTech News LEGO – learning in a fun way

LEGO – learning in a fun way

LEGO – learning in a fun way August 31, 2021

We all played with LEGO bricks as children. However, we did not all use the full potential that LEGO sets offer. Children are more and more interested in technology, and therefore in robotics, and fact, these sets can help them in that. Is there anything better than learning through play?

What is LEGO?

The Lego Group is a private company based in Denmark, which produces a line of plastic building toys. These pieces can be assembled and connected in many ways – to build objects, vehicles, buildings, and robots. What we make, we can disassemble again and use the parts again.

Lego robot

Lego robot

The first LEGO cubes are made in 1949 and got the name from the phrase leg godt, which means nice to play. On average, 600 parts are produced per second, and they can fit even with those from 1963.

They are increasingly used in kindergartens and schools to develop logic. What sets them apart is that – anything the imagination can produce can be created. The parts are easily and quickly assembled and separated – because scissors, glue, and similar are used.

LEGO in education

SerbianTech, Fondacija 1%, and SuperGlavce will be the organizers of the FIRST LEGO League competition in Serbia this season as well. FLL is a global program that introduces children to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through practical learning using didactic materials and LEGO Education kits. It represents competition for children and youth (9-16 years). It also encourages creativity, team spirit, cooperation and builds independence for future actions and projects.

All equipment used must be LEGO, and participants go through four parts of the competition. Core values, robot game, robot design, and innovative project are evaluated. You can read more here.

This spring, at the FLL competition, ten teams from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina presented their solutions, and nine judges were in charge of regularity during the competition. The team that won in Serbia is LegoBusters from the First Kragujevac Gymnasium, and they went to the regional competition in Slovenia together with the teams ElektRobot, LEGOMasters, and Noobovi.

FLL21 pobednici

FLL21 pobednici

SerbianTech invites all fans of LEGO cubes to support the competition during this season and provide young people with an unforgettable experience. You can send any doubts you have to info@serbian.tech.

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