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Presenting startup: Publitio

Presenting startup: Publitio August 20, 2021
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Are you having problems with hosting, uploading, converting, and protecting your media files? Publitio will solve your problems with its simple, scalable, and secure Cloud-based storage. This startup can meet all your requirements and enable fast delivery of images and videos. Let’s find out more.

The idea and founders of Publitio startup

The founders of the startup are Vujadin and Nemanja Divjak, IT engineers and entrepreneurs. They have two independent projects behind them and over 15 years of experience working with large amounts of data and file hosting.

Working with a large number of pictures and videos, they encountered numerous problems. While solving them – they got an idea to create a solution that could be used by other sites.

In January 2017, work began on the Publitio project. Overcoming numerous challenges, the website was launched in November 2017. The development of APIs and SDKs was completed in March of the following year, and thus the basic product was ready for use.

publitio team

publitio team

So far, they have had three investments: ICT Hub with an investment of € 30,000, Vega IT € 200,000, and the Innovation Fund € 80,000.


What distinguishes Publitio is its ease of use. Compared to the Amazon S3 and Azure, this home startup offers a much easier way to build an image & video infrastructure for the end-user.

Publitio simplifies the delivery of your media files while maintaining full functionality and security. It takes care of your entire image and video processing process while giving you maximum control and flexibility over your media.



Besides, a pay-as-you-go billing model awaits you. That means that the user pays only as much as he uses Publitio. Compared to the competition, their prices are competitive.

If you are a new user, you can also take advantage of a 14-day free trial.

What do users single out?

The most attractive features for users are HLS video encryption and detailed analytics of all the files stored on Publitio. The super-easy transformation of content via the address bar stands out, and already mentioned fact that you only pay as much as the service is used.


The introduction of several new functions is planned. For now, a big focus is on access for teams – the possibility of more users accessing one content.

They are also working on creating folders that can be shared via a link, improving image compression and its speed, integrations for Shopify, Zappier, Amazon S3, and the like.

Another novelty that awaits us is the Enterprise version of the service.


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