SerbianTech News Serbian.tech: How we help promoting Serbian IT scene

Serbian.tech: How we help promoting Serbian IT scene

Serbian.tech: How we help promoting Serbian IT scene February 1, 2019Leave a comment
Serbian IT scene

Serbian IT scene is in its rise generating 1 billion euros for the first time and standing neck to neck with agriculture, and other much older industries. Seems like, these days, everyone wants to become a programmer, data scientist or a digital marketing specialist. Just as we wanted to be famous athletes when we were young. However, along with its rise, Serbian IT scene is facing some serious challenges.

What Serbian tech scene needs?

Anyone who lives in Serbia and feels like a part of Serbian IT scene, without a single doubt, follows what Startit is doing. Or is, at least, aware of how much they did for the Serbian IT scene for the last 10 years of their existence. Naturally, we’re fans of their work, and we enjoy reading their blog section. However, one of their articles, published this Tuesday was brought to our attention.

So, what’s it about?

In it, the author discussed the current state of Serbian IT scene, and it’s branding and what are the possible steps we should follow in the future to make the Serbian IT more recognizable. The author of the before-mentioned article points out that Serbian IT scene lacks one, central and respectable location for collecting and publishing information. He states the grim fact that Serbian IT scene is not a recognizable part of world’s tech scene while depending on it at the same time. The topic of this article touches the topic that interests us the most.

What do we want to achieve?

Our company was made around a single goal – representing the IT potential of Serbia in the foreign market.
We realized that Serbian IT scene is not visible to the foreign investors, potential partners, and entrepreneurs, which is why we are building our business with a single goal on our mind. To change that situation. Serbian Tech’s main activity is offering a promotion of Serbian IT companies and startups by organizing group exhibitions on worldwide tech events and helping them in their quest of finding investments, explore new markets, and create strong partnerships.

We are aware of the fact that when it comes to Serbian IT companies budget is still very important. Spending much-needed money for participating in a conference might not be (and in most of the cases isn’t) a priority. Some of them are not even aware of the benefits they may get by participating in such an event. We tried to give you an answer on that topic in this article, give it a go if you’re still in doubt whether you should or not participate in a tech event.

How we do it?

By offering a lower price (price sharing) of the booth on worldwide tech events and conferences! Serbian.tech is trying to make Serbian IT companies more visible to the foreign market. In the same time, we are trying to educate teams on how they should present themselves on those events. We are focusing on providing them with all the support in reaching their goals. We would like to point out the fact that our services are not for startups only. Our services are for the IT companies as well which have something to offer to the foreign market.

There is a  long way ahead of us. We’re heading towards the day when Serbian tech scene will become a recognizable part of world’s big scheme. There will come the time when companies like Nordeus and Seven bridges will not be exceptions but rather a norm.

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