SerbianTech News Expenses we should look for when attending events

Expenses we should look for when attending events

Expenses we should look for when attending events February 4, 2019Leave a comment

Before you decide to attend a conference, the question of expenses is something you should think about carefully. To help you with decision making, we discussed in detail if participating in a tech conference is worth your time and money here so you can have a look. The main reason Startups from Serbia (and globally) are trying to steer clear of significant events is the fact their funds are limited and attending them may just not be a priority. However, those who understood the importance of being visible to the people within the niche they are working in will tell you that money invested in exhibiting on such events is spent well. In fact, it returns in so many ways – by meeting potential investors, raising awareness about what you’re doing or scouting for potential hires. 

It’s all about money

As we have said already, the biggest obstacle for startups and small companies when it comes to attending events is money and covering the expenses. And we decided to give you a small expenses checklist to do before you say yes to this kind of activity. So, let’s begin.

1. Travel costs

Where is the event you want to attend happening? Is it near, or it’s far? Can you go by car or you’ll be forced to take an airplane ticket. How many people will go?
When it comes to travel cost, there are too many things to consider. Depending on the location of the event and the number of people attending, the price will be lower, or significantly higher. But travel cost shouldn’t stop you from participating! Set your priorities and determine who are the people without which you just cannot go. When you’ve set the minimum requires, you will easily add one or two more people depending on your budget.
And if you’re bound to travel by plane, there is a solution for it too! A good thing about the events and conferences is that they are usually planned a year ahead! Which means you can prepare properly, cut the cost where’s possible and even catch some low-cost plane tickets.

2. Accommodation

There’s not much difference when it comes to housing from what we told previously about the travel expenses. You can always reduce some cost when it comes to the number of people that need to attend the event, and hotels should not be your only choice. You can always find some good deals while browsing Airbnb.

3. Promotional material

We talked about this before in our article focused on preparing your first attendance at a conference. Promotional material is essential to boost your visibility at a conference. That includes prepared business cards, banners and pull up banners.
Participating in a conference is not enough. Some people won’t be able to attend your speech, and you will miss the opportunity to engage with them. Having roll-up banners will make you more visible to the ones who missed to hear what you have to say or to reconnect with the ones who might just have some extra question for you. And ready business cards within your reach will ensure they can contact you if there’s an opportunity for mutual cooperation.

4. Resources

And when we say it, we don’t mean only about the money invested, but the rather on the people engaged in the event preparation. If you’re trying to save up money and engage your workers on the event preparation, this means your projects will inevitably have to suffer.
Don’t try to cut the costs by all means. Do what you do the best, and we can take care of the presentation of your company. With our expertise, we will make sure you stand out and get the most out of it. We have year around, and you can always contact us for any additional inquiries. Leave it to the professionals!

And for the end

Attending a conference is a decision that requires a lot of thinking, and it shouldn’t be a rushed decision. We gave you some cost checklist and some points to consider before you go ahead and apply. We can help you excel and ultimately help you become more visible to the public eye.

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